Print and Web Newsletters

Newsletters bring a lot to your brand and your business. Web newsletters generate interest in your products or services and traffic to your Web site. Newsletters also inspire repeat visitors to your site and repeat customers, or even referrals. Print and Web newsletters are a proven, effective marketing tool.

Newsletters for Any Budget

Newsletters are a great way to reach out to your customers, keeping your products and services in front of them at all times. You can choose Web only (e-mail and/or Web site access), Print only (mailed or distributed), or combination Web + Print newsletters.

I offer three standard newsletter packages for either Web or print newsletters:
– Fully original
– Stock/Syndicated
– Hybrid (some original content and some stock content)

Pricing varies on the scope of the project – please inquire. We are happy to customize a newsletter package that works for you. (Please note that clients are responsible for covering all associated printing and postage costs for printed newsletters directly.)

Why promote your business with newsletters?

Here are just a few benefits a newsletter would deliver to your business. We are happy to discuss options for stock / syndicate newsletters as well as partially or fully customized newsletters.

  • Remind: Keep your products and services in front of your customers, clients, patients, and colleagues.
  • Interest: Give your patients and clients something to read in the waiting room.
  • Inspire: Offer tips, recipes, and info your readers won’t want to throw away. Provide valuable coupons and discounts for products and services.
  • Promote: Plug your latest and greatest offerings with helpful content delivered right to your clients.
  • Attract: Gain new clients by offering your newsletter online with targeted tips.

Inspire repeat customers with newsletters…

Stay in touch with your customers by giving them access to your latest deals and promotions, new products, and company news. Share interesting information and give your clients a reminder to keep coming back.

Please contact us to discuss specific newsletter projects or other writing and marketing needs.