Hire a Press Release Writer

Announce all your important company news like awards, new products or services, community involvement, and more with a dynamic press release……

Dances with Words offers a variety of public relations services to help businesses succeed. Press releases help get the word out about your company news, awards and recognition, new product and service offerings, community involvement, and so much more. Consider hiring a press release writer to handle your media campaigns.

Benefits of Hiring a Press Release Writer
Hiring a press release writer brings your business a number of immediate benefits, including:

–    Better community awareness of your business and its offerings
–    Constant contact with members of the media and your target publications
–    Fast turnaround on press releases detailing important company news
–    Greater chances of having the media cover your company’s news or events
–    Increased media exposure for your brand
–    Among other benefits

At Dances with Words, you will work with a professional press release writer to generate media releases on your newsworthy topics. Your press releases can be published on your Web site, distributed to print publications of your choice, or promoted widely across the Internet. Your public relations campaign is fully customized to fit your business needs. Please get in touch to discuss your project.