Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a main focal point of our business. We have seen marketing efforts evolve from the print world to the most potent form of marketing and advertising today – Internet marketing. Reach out to your customers with the new age of marketing and advertising – Online!

We are very passionate about the Internet marketing aspect of our business, and  it is easy to see and track impressive results immediately. Our effective Web marketing campaigns are custom-designed to fit the needs of your business. We employ the latest viral marketing techniques while continuing to support more traditional efforts as needed.

Web 2.0 to Promote Your Business
Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket with print advertising and run-of-the-mill marketing techniques, add some zest to your marketing plan. Internet marketing reaches out to the up-and-coming crowd as well as consumers of all ages who find the Internet to be such a vital and convenient part of daily life.

Types of Internet Marketing Solutions
Dances With Words specializes in Internet marketing tactics to promote your business. Our key Web 2.0 offerings include:

  • Online Press Releases: Promote your services and products or upcoming events to the media for world wide news coverage.
  • Facebook, MySpace, etc: Develop a fan base online with a powerful tool that allows you to effectively stay in touch with your market.
  • Social Networking: Get onboard with the latest in Web marketing, advertising, and public relations tactics. Social bookmarking sites and other social networking options can quickly move your business forward.
  • Micro-blogging: Twitter is just one example of the viral Internet marketing solutions that continue to take the world by storm.
  • And more…

Please contact us to discuss our Internet marketing offerings and how we can customize a plan that will bring great results to your business. We have Internet marketing options for every budget!