For many businesses, advertising is a job in and of itself. Consider print advertising and online advertising. From choosing the publications and places where you want to advertise to coordinating the advertising insertions each week or month, not to mention creating the actual print or Web advertisement mockups and fielding calls and e-mails from the advertising reps, your day is never done. Why not let us handle it for you and make your life easier?

Interactive Advertising to Promote Your Business
Whether you want to advertise online, in print publications, via display advertising, or all of the above, Dances with Words can help. We specialize in coordinating all of your advertising efforts into a single dynamic campaign so you can relax, knowing the ads for your business are designed, scheduled, and ready to roll.

We also specialize in the creation of custom advertisements for your business. We create each advertisement from scratch, whether for a print publication (magazine, newspaper), a Web site or online publication, or even a billboard or other specialty advertising medium. We are happy to handle your print ad design, banner ads, text link ads, and more.

Importance of Internet Advertising

Sometimes too little effort goes into Internet advertising, which can dramatically impact the way even a small business is noticed online. Enough can’t be said about the value and power of online advertising, marketing, PR, and promotions. Dances with Words offers online advertising services to get your brand noticed and remembered. We develop a unique business advertising strategy just for you, geared toward your key customers and working toward your greatest goals.

One of the beauties of online business advertising is the ability to track your results and see which efforts are working and which ones aren’t. The interactive advertising plans we offer allow us to explore our clients’ most promising strategies at first, with the ability to refine efforts for long-term success.

Key Advertising Projects
Dances with Words specializes in the creation and coordination of your company’s advertisements from start to finish. Our key advertising projects include:

  • Advertorials in publications
  • Banner ads for advertising online
  • Display ads for billboards, etc.
  • Marketing video scripts
  • Print ads for newspapers and magazines
  • Radio advertisement scripts
  • Slogans and tag lines
  • Text Link Ads for advertising online
  • And more…

If you need an interactive advertising agency to help promote your business, please contact us for more information or to discuss specific advertising needs.