Writing Samples

A passionate writer gets the job done. Because we enjoy writing, we put in the time and effort required to develop an effective piece of content that can be used as a marketing tool or simply as something to inform and delight your readers.

Please review the following writing samples by owner of Dances with Words and freelance writer Kathryn M. D’Imperio. I specialize in writing content about countless topics, including but not limited to: beauty, weddings, credit and personal finance, travel tips and destinations, health, skincare, businesses and corporations, products, and news. Web site copy is another key area of focus for Dances with Words.

Writing Samples:

Beauty & Fashion

Business – Marketing – Social

Food & Dining

Health & Fitness

Home & Garden / Landscape


Relationships & Family


Web Sites:

Additional writing samples by freelance writer Kathryn M. D’Imperio are available upon request. Please contact us for samples or information.